Zero Waste Washtenaw

Zero Waste Washtenaw assists local events with minimizing their environmental footprint by reducing event waste.  

We provide consulting support in advance of events and waste collection stations for events to use.  

Event organizers work with event partners to reduce the event's waste and manage the recyclable and compostable collection during the event. 

With the support of this program and a little planning, your event can achieve zero waste and inspire attendees to begin their zero waste journey. 

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How to Get Started

  • Fill out this form at least 6 weeks in advance of your event. This will allow adequate time for planning and ensure we have supplies available.  
  • Prior to your consultation: 
    • Review the Zero Waste Event Hosting Guide
    • Create a list of the types and amount of waste that will be generated at your event. 
    • Select a "zero waste event lead" that will be responsible for the zero waste stations during the event.  

Washtenaw County Will:

Event Planners Will:

  • Assess the Zero Waste Event Request Form and provide recommendations to the event planner on how to reduce waste and collect recyclables and compostables.  
  • Provide resources and assistance with volunteer information, food vendor guidelines, and more.   
  • Provide zero waste stations.  (Stations are equipped with signage and bags for the recyclables and compostables.)
  • Provide references and guidance on outlets for compost after the event. 

  • Provide a scale and data sheet to be used for collecting event figures.  

    Three volunteers monitoring a zero waste station.

  • Work with event partners and vendors to minimize waste and use locally recyclable and compostable items. 

  • Check out this page to confirm if your product is BPI-Certified Compostable:

  • Weigh trash, recyclables, and compostables with the provided scale and record weights on the provided datasheet. 

  • Coordinate volunteers for each zero waste station to assist event attendees with proper waste sorting. This will minimize contamination and maximize recovery. 

  • Coordinate a way to dispose of recyclables after the event. 

  • Coordinate a way to dispose of compostables after the event. Washtenaw County may be able to assist with compostables after an event depending on the volume. Please indicate in your zero waste event inquiry on the form below if you need assistance.

Zero Waste Event Request Form

  1. Event Planner Contact Information
  2. Event Information
  3. Please provide an aerial view of the location. This helps us determine the footprint of your event and make a better recommendation on the number of zero waste stations.

  4. Will food and/or drinks be sold or served?
  5. Will vendors be providing the food or drink?
  6. Will you be using BPI-certified compostable service ware?

    More on BPI certification at

  7. What will drinks be served in?

    check all that apply

  8. Post-Event Waste Considerations
  9. Will your event have a landfill container available to use on-site?
  10. Will your event have a recyclables container available to use on-site?
  11. Will your event have a compostable container available to use on-site?
  12. Do you need assistance with coordinating a way to dispose of for compostable collected at your event?
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