Like many of our most pressing social challenges, diversion, deflection, and reentry success can’t be fully realized by any one organization working independently. Collaboration is essential to the success of these efforts. Core partners in our diversion, deflection, and reentry  work include: 

A Brighter Way. A Brighter Way was founded by three friends with first-hand experience who faced the barriers and challenges of re-entering society from prison. Every director since its inception has had a history of incarceration. Many of our mentors have also experienced the pitfalls and collateral consequences that our mentees encounter. A Brighter Way helps formerly incarcerated individuals living in Washtenaw County to build a stable, successful and fulfilling life. 

Avalon Housing. Avalon Housing works to end homelessness by developing affordable housing centered on community, care, and support. Supportive housing prioritizes the health and well-being of every tenant by providing resources to help them stay—and thrive—in their homes. All Avalon Housing tenants can access care and support to address mental health needs, substance use concerns, and other conditions. 

Community Mental Health Partnership of Southeast Michigan. The CMHPSM works with substance use disorder providers. They provide substance use disorder services to people who live in the county where they are requesting services and have Medicaid insurance, or are enrolled in the MIChild Program or Healthy Michigan Plan and cannot afford the cost of substance use disorder services. To get started call 734-544-3050 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays. 

Dawn Farm. Dawn Farm seeks to be the place where addicts and alcoholics go for help, regardless of their drug of choice or ability to pay for treatment. Dawn offers a continuum of long-term treatment services to help people achieve long-term recovery. This continuum includes residential treatment, transitional housing, outpatient care, sub-acute detoxification, and a range of active outreach programs. Most importantly, Dawn Farm helps people with addictions build a recovery support system that will last long after they have completed treatment.

Supreme Felons. The Supreme Felons Corporation takes a holistic approach to support returning citizens and their families, addressing their personal, family, and professional needs, to break the cycle of incarceration and promote community safety. Services include mentorship, advocacy, mental health assistance, housing connections, and more. To learn more, contact [email protected]

Washtenaw County Community Mental Health. Washtenaw County Community Mental Health seeks to support all community members, particularly during challenging times, including crisis, and for those that may be dealing with ongoing conditions. Service information and crisis services and supports are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays. To get started, call 734-544-3050.