Washtenaw County Special Projects & Systems Outreach Division

What We Do

The Washtenaw County Special Projects & Systems Outreach Division is committed to supporting the efforts of the Public Defender’s office in evolving with the needs of its clients, community, and the County. Our focus is on specific projects and systems that connects across county and community systems that touch the indigent population.   

Our mission is to Improve, reform and develop systems and programs that address negative impacts and barriers, of those within the Criminal Justice System; including past involvement, current involvement, or at risk of being involved. Our goal is to break any silos that interfere with systems, services, or resources, though Legal Justice Partnerships, Community Education of Legal System, and Specialty Courts or Programs  

Latita G. Sharp

Latitia G. Sharp

SP&SO Division Administrator
[email protected]

Contact Us
PO Box 8645
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday
9am - 5pm