Waste Knot Partnership Benefits

Waste Knot trash can Partnership Benefits


  • Partnership plaque and window decal
  • Invitation to the annual Waste Knot Awards Ceremony
  • Eligibility to participate in the City of Ann Arbor's Green Fair
  • Qualification for an Environmental Excellence Award

And that's not all...

  • Gain Customers: Being recognized as a green business will help you gain credit-ability within the community. Green businesses are in high demand among Washtenaw County residents. As a Waste Knot partner, you will receive free year-round advertisement in area newspapers, press releases, radio, and the County's website.

  • Bottom-Line Savings: Reducing solid waste expenditures opens the door to bottom-line savings. Recycling more means spending less on disposal and hauling costs. One of our current partners saves over $126,000 a year through recycling paper products, waste oil recovery, and energy and water conservation practices.

  • Technical Assistance and Education: Waste Knot partners are eligible to receive a free, non-regulatory waste audit and consulting for program development and improvement.