Additional services for adults with mental health and substance use concerns

Assertive community treatment. Our staff visit homes and communities to help clients maintain their health in a community setting. Some clients may need multiple daily contacts or 24/7 crisis support; others may only require weekly check-ins for medication and health management. The services are tailored to client needs and may vary over time. 

Crisis residential treatment. A short term overnight treatment—including psychiatric services, therapeutic support, medication management, behavioral services, and more—at a facility for one to two weeks. The goal: to provide less intensive treatment by addressing behavioral or mental impairments in the community and to prevent a trip to a hospital psychiatric facility or reduce the time spent there. 

Law enforcement assisted diversion and deflection (LEADD). Trauma-informed, person-centered care based on your goals and needs, instead of using the traditional criminal justice system. People are connected with appropriate support to help address root problems—such as poverty, mental illness, or homelessness. LEADD is currently a pilot, occurring in Ypsilanti Township only. 

Projects for assistance in transition from homelessness (PATH). This program reaches out to homeless individuals and offers mental health treatment. It serves individuals who are homeless, live with a mental illness, and are not already connected to services. 

Specialized residential treatmentStaff work with group home settings to provide behavioral health care and support to consumers who meet criteria for this level of care. Specialized residential settings are licensed Adult Foster Care settings working under an enhanced license to provide a specialized service to individuals with a mental illness and/or developmental disability. They are also contracted with WCCMH to provide this enhanced service.

Substance use assessment. A face-to-face assessment to identify substance use recovery needs and develop an individualized treatment plan. 

Supported employment. Our staff support clients preparing to apply for and sustain employment. Staff may help you identify job opportunities and build job-related skills.