Waste Knot Program

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About Waste Knot

A collection of businesses, schools, government agencies, and non-profit organizations committed to reducing waste and protecting the environment.


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The Waste Knot Program

The Waste Knot program aims to develop relationships within the Washtenaw County business community to increase waste reduction and recycling activities.


To achieve its mission, the Waste Knot Program provides community-wide recognition and organization-based technical assistance along with value-added education to organizations that exhibit leadership in waste reduction and recycling or to organizations that desire to become leaders in waste reduction and recycling.


More and more organizations have discovered that integrating waste reduction and recycling, sustainability and community leadership into their business practices leads to profitability. Over the last 2 years, the program has grown by 50% and some of our partners have saved over $120,000 a year by implementing waste reduction strategies.

New partnership benefits are under development that include waste and recycling service discounts, increased promotion via new media outlets and access to discounted advertising.

So join over 300 partners currently leading the way in Washtenaw County!

Waste Reduction Project Funding 

Whether or not you’re a Waste Knot partner, Washtenaw County may have funding to help with your waste reduction projects. Visit our page on Waste Reduction Sponsorships to find out more information and how to apply.