Seasons in Splendor

  3. FALL

2021Feb-Leonard-Winter-9_squareYour winter won't be complete without a visit to...

  • Burns-Stokes Preserve
    Without the thick canopy, the honey locusts are much more noticeable in all their spiky glory. We also enjoy the transition from woods to prairie to floodplain, culminating in a beautiful view of the river.
  • Draper-Houston Meadows Preserve
    The sycamores and oaks stand out in the spare winter landscape, wide spreading branches and solid white trunks against the sky.
  • Leonard Preserve
    We enjoy the large fields and conifer stands covered in snow., and the river views after a snowfall. It’s a good place to spot a mink.
  • Parker Mill County Park
    The Fleming Creek floodplain is alive with birdsong on a soft winter day.   
  • Park Lyndon South
    The hilly terrain provides stunning panoramic views of Lake Genevieve. Best time of year to hike to the top of the Kame, with great views unblocked by leaves.
  • Weatherbee Woods Preserve
    There is something really pretty about the open forest and rolling hills in the winter season.  Most visits we see woodpeckers, flickers and other interesting birds as well.