All Membership Meetings

All Membership meetings happen twice a year. Each meeting looks different based on the need of the Continuum of Care (CoC). All are welcome to attend! 

May 2023 Meeting

Join us Thursday, May 25th, 2023 from 1pm-4pm at the Ellen Thompson Women’s Health Center at St. Joseph’s Hospital 5320 Elliott Drive, Ypsilanti 48197 in the Auditorium

We will review current data, talk about system needs, and have open dialogue about important topics. There are two items we will be voting on. 

Click here to read the Agenda for May 25th, 2023

Items to be Voted on:

While the below items will be discussed at the All Membership meeting, please review these materials in advance as able. Comments, questions, feedback should be emailed to Kristin Kunes, [email protected] by 5pm Wednesday, May 23rd so that they may be incorporated into the community dialogue. 

1. CoC Governance Charter 

Washtenaw County’s CoC Governance Charter outlines CoC operations such as roles, responsibilities, and important decision-making spaces. The Charter is typically updated annually. Due to capacity constraints, this document was last updated and approved 2/18/2020. This 2023 draft (link) updates some outdated information and adds details where needed. This revision also seeks to consolidate CoC documentation. The 2015 CoC Overarching Policies & Procedures (link) captures the same information. This 2023 draft would formally obsolete the CoC Overarching Policies & Procedures (as indicated in the document footer).

To aid in your review of this proposed revision, please see the 2020 Governance Charter (link)2022 CoC Board Members/Attendance (link), and 2023 CoC Board Members/Attendance (link). You will find several notes embedded in the Word Document flagging substantial changes or topics that will be discussed at the upcoming meeting. 

2. Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) FY23-24 (10/1/2023-9/30/2024) Exhibit One 

MSHDA ESG is an annual allocation that funds a large portion of Washtenaw County’s Coordinated Entry System. This allocation varies each year. Washtenaw County does not yet know how much MSHDA will allocate our CoC for FY23-24. MSHDA notifies each Continuum of Care (CoC) of the funding process and its associated application requirements. The first portion of the application is called Exhibit One. It is due to MSHDA on Friday June 2, 2023, please see a Draft of Exhibit One (link). You will find notes for certain sections where a discussion will take place at the upcoming meeting. 

CoC Written Service Standards
Racial Demographics Report
System Performance Measures
VAWA Emergency Transfer Plans
CoC Coordinated Entry Workflow

3. Community Standards on ESG Assistance Cap

Washtenaw County CoC established standards on how much ESG assistance a household can receive in a given grant term. This standard is a bit more restrictive than MSHDA ESG policy allows. The intent behind this was to ensure the long term sustainability of ESG funds over the course of the grant term. With the rise in rent and inflation, more households are in need of a larger amount of assistance to address their arrears owed and prevent their eviction. The purpose of this brief dialogue is not to redetermine the community standard but to designate a decision making space for this dialogue (i.e. the CoC Board, one or more of the CoC Committees, or a special community convening). 

Note: There will not be a virtual option available due to limitations of the location.