Folk Festival Host Committee


Go behind-the-scenes of an inspiring annual event, building community with amazingly talented craftspeople across Michigan.

Play a lead role developing and running one of Michigan’s premiere folk festivals with the Michigan Folk School at Staebler Farm Park. A one-day celebration of the folk movement, the Folk Festival combines food and music with an open house for artisans and an incredible opportunity for the public to try their hands at folk handicrafts (beating on a blacksmith's anvil, spinning a lathe, and much more).

Why folk? Folk crafts deeply enrich our experiences of being in the world—connecting minds and bodies to find flow, unplugging from frantic technology, and developing an intentional, ethical relationship with products in our lives.

Learn more by reviewing the position description below (or press here to download the position description)

2023 Application deadline: apply by May 15th, 2023

TO APPLY: Express your interest by e-mail to Jason Gold, Director of the Michigan Folk School, at [email protected]. In your message, please briefly explain your interest in volunteering.

QUESTIONS? Please contact:

Matthew Bertrand
Volunteer Coordinator
[email protected]

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