Natural Shorelines

A natural shoreline is comprised of native plants- like flowers, shrubs, and grasses- along a water's edge.  This landscape style is attractive and helps the overall health of the waterbody.  

  • Native plants have deep roots that are used to living in and around water. These roots help reduce soil pollution. 
  • Shorelines made up of native plants act as a buffer to help reduce other pollutants - such as phosphorus and nitrogen- that may runoff from lawns and roads.
  • Lastly, they provide a habitat for a variety of animals. 
Susan and Matt at shoreline consult 11-2022

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Why Plant a Natural Shoreline?

Plant a natural shoreline to protect your property and your lake.

Native plants along the shoreline: 

  • Hold soil in place with deep systems
  • Absorb energy from waves created by wind and boats 
  • Slow water runoff allows pollutants- such as soil and contaminants- to absorb into the soil instead of depositing into the water
  • Absorb nutrients that would otherwise feed algae
  • Provide key habitat for fish and wildlife

Find Native Plants

Find plants native to Michigan here.

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