Invoicing and Payments

The Washtenaw County MAC Division follows official MIDC approved rates to compensate attorneys on appointed felony and misdemeanor cases. Assigned counsel should be compensated for all work necessary to provide quality legal representation. 

Attorney rates shall be $100 per hour for misdemeanors and $120 for all felonies.

Attorneys will be reimbursed for any reasonable out of pocket expenses incurred as a result of representation. Receipt evidencing a proof of payment is required.

Invoice Submission Policy and Procedure

Attorneys shall keep accurate and true billing records for all appointed cases. Billings must be in accordance with the guidelines set forth below.

Attorneys should submit invoices for compensation and reimbursable expenses to the Assigned Counsel Manager (ACM) via e-mail. The e-mail to send all invoices to is [email protected]. Invoices sent to other e-mail addresses will not be received timely and may delay the approval and processing of that invoice for payment.

The only invoice template that will be accepted is the universal Washtenaw County Indigent Defense Invoice with official department seal. No other invoice template will be accepted for time and expenses spent on appointed cases. A sample of this invoice is on the following pages. The format of the invoice template is subject to change at the discretion of the ACM. Web-based electronic submissions are preferred.

Invoices shall be complete in itemized format with dates, amount of time spent and detailed descriptions of the work done. Time spent on cases must be billed in 6-minute increments. Abbreviations may be used so long as they are universally understood by the ACM. It is not the responsibility of the ACM to decipher information provided on invoices if they are abbreviated.

Attorneys will be compensated within 30 calendar days unless otherwise specified by the ACM. If an entry cannot be understood or the invoice is incomplete, the approval and processing of the invoice may be delayed or denied. An example of a complete invoice can be found below.