Nest Box Monitors

Nest Box Monitor

Peek into the hidden world of cavity nesting birds and enjoy the thrill of watching young birds growing up, all while advancing bird science.

As a Nest Box Monitor, you will adopt and monitor nest boxes within a Washtenaw County nature preserve. Your work generates essential knowledge and understanding of bird populations in Washtenaw County. Your observations will inform land managers, improving stewardship outcomes for plants, birds, and other animals, as well as advance understanding of local birds. Monitors also contribute to science on state and national levels, supporting efforts by the Michigan Blue Bird Society and Cornell’s Project Nest Watch. 

Learn more by reviewing the position description below (or download the position description)

Application deadline: to guarantee consideration, please apply by April 30th each year.

TO APPLY: Contact the lead staff member below, or visit the Washtenaw Parks registration website.

QUESTIONS? Please contact:

Kelsey Dehring
Parks Naturalist
[email protected]
734-971-6337 x 330

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2023 Status

These sites need a volunteer:

We are accepting inquiries until April 30th, 2023. Post April 30th, names will be added to our waitlist for next years nesting season. 

Nest Box Monitor