Air Conditioner Assistance Program

PLEASE NOTE ~~ The Air Conditioner Assistance Program waitlist is currently CLOSED.  The waitlist is opened once per year.  This year (2023) the waitlist was opened up on Tuesday, February 21 at 12:00 noon and was closed on March 13, 2023.  

The waitlist for our Air Conditioner Assistance Program will open again on February 20, 2024.

On Tuesday, February 20 at 12:00 noon, there will be a link to a form added to this page.  This form will be the waitlist application.  You can add your name to the waitlist either by clicking on the link to form or calling in to our office:734-544-3008.  We can add you to our waitlist as long as it is open either by using the form or by calling in to our office.

This program offers central air conditioner installations for eligible residents.  Work offered through this program will be based on the following prioritization criteria, in no particular order:

  • Documented medical need ~ Applicants must provide a Doctor's note which indicates a that a resident's health would benefit from the installation of a Central Air Conditioner.
  • Age of applicant and other household members

Rental properties are not eligible for this Program.

Our Air Conditioner Assistance Program requires a 5-year forgivable property lien to be placed on the home for all residents wishing to participate in the air conditioner assistance program.  The property lien is zero percent interest, does not require any monthly payments and is forgiven after 5 years.

Please call 734-544-3008 to discuss more about how our programs can help.  Not all of our services have a waitlist.