Find Your Level

Parent Tot 1
Children 6 months-18 months with adult participation. The goal of this class is to provide experiences and activities for both parent and child to increase their water comfort. Children will learn basic skills: floating, kicking, going under water. Songs and playtime are used so that children and parents are able to participate. Parent participation in the water is required for each child. Class runs for 25 minutes. 

Parent Tot 2
18 months- 3.5 years old with adult participation. The goal of this class is to provide comfort in the water for parent and toddlers.  Children will learn basic water skills while gaining confidence of going under water. Class runs for 25 minutes. 

Preschool 1
Ages 3.5- 6. There are no prerequisites for enrollment. The goal of this class is to promote water comfort without parent. Participants will be introduced to beginning swimming skills such as floating on front and back and kicking on front and back. Lessons are designed to make learning fun while covering safety topics. Class runs for 25 minutes. 

Preschool 2
Ages 4-6. Participants should be comfortable getting their face wet. In this class children will focus on front and back floats, kicking and learning the basic swimming movements for freestyle and backstroke. Lessons are designed to making learning fun while covering safety topics. Class runs for 25 minutes. 

Level 1
Ages 5-7. Participants should be comfortable in the water to learn to float on their front and backs. As well as going under water. Goals include comfort of the water, gliding on front and back without support, and coordination of arms and legs for basic swimming. Class runs for 40 minutes. 

Level 2
Swimmers must pass level 1 or be comfortable swimming 15 feet with little to no assistance. Participants should be able to float by themselves on front and back. Goals include comfort of the water, learning to tread, gliding front and back by self, rotary breathing. Classes run 40 minutes.

Level 3
Must pass level 2 or have deep water comfort as this is an intermediate swim level. Participants will improve on their front and back crawl while learning the butterfly kick, breaststroke kick and treading water. 

Level 4
Must pass level 3 or swim a full length of the pool. Participants will build endurance so they can swim full 25 yards without stopping of front and back crawl. Participants will learn butterfly and breaststroke. 

Level 5
Must pass level 4. This level is advance, and students must have deep water comfort. Participants should be able to demonstrate each stroke at a distance of 50 yards.

Endurance Training
Must pass level 5.  This is the most advance class offered for youth swim lessons. This is for swimmers who are looking to perfect their swimming strokes while building endurance. Class runs for 40 minutes.

Teen/ Adult Classes
Ages 13-Seniors. In this swim class participants will be assessed based on their skill level. The course will/can be adjusted to meet the ability of each swimmer. The focus of this class is to build comfort in the water while increasing stroke efficiency. Class runs for 1 hour. 

Private Swim Lessons
Ages 4 & up. These classes are designed for individuals to choose what they want to work on as well as build water comfort. These are one on one classes for 30 minutes. You can choose to add a second swimmer to the same class for half the price.  We only recommend this if both swimmers are at the same level. 

If you are still unsure what level to sign up for, please email Alyson Kindall at [email protected]