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Washtenaw County's The Green Room  covers climate issues.

December 29, 2017: The U.S., Canada, And Climate
At the November climate talks in Bonn, Germany, an initiative called “America’s Pledge” put forth a commitment by U.S. states, cities, companies, and colleges to achieve the carbon cuts agreed to by the U.S. in Paris in 2015, despite Trump’s withdrawal from the agreement.  But if the U.S. doesn’t pursue federal-level policies to reign in carbon emissions, can global efforts succeed, in light of the world’s highly interdependent economies?  In this installment of WEMU’s The Green Room, Barbara Lucas explores this dilemma, with a focus on the US and Canada.

July 28, 2017: Can local climate efforts the solve the global crisis?
The U.S is out of the Paris Climate Accord. Despite lack of support from the current administration, many are heartened by the growing interest in finding solutions emanating from other levels of government. This installment explores a fundamental question: at what level will it be most effective to concentrate our efforts?

March 31, 2017: The Carbon Dividends Plan: A Breakthrough on CO2?
Carbon taxes are a seemingly simple way to deal with the climate crisis. As the price of fossil fuels goes up, consumption goes down. But fears of negative economic impacts have kept the idea from moving forward in the U.S Now, a group of leading Republican elders has a proposal that goes a step further. They call it “Carbon Dividends,” because the taxes collected are returned to the public. What is the local reaction?

February 25, 2013: Housing Choices and Greenhouse Gases
Available housing choices - or the lack thereof - in Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor can impact the level of greenhouse gases produced.