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The Green Room is a collaboration between the City of Ann Arbor’s Community Television Network (CTN), Washtenaw County Public Works and the Office of the Water Resources Commissioner. The airing of each new episode begins on the second Tuesday of the month on Channel 16, and continues throughout the month.  You can check, and click on Program Guide for the full line up. 

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2022 TV Shows

In this episode of the Green Room, we take a walk in the Kosch-Headwaters Preserve with naturalist Ron Gamble to learn about butterflies, dragonflies, and moths. 

The guest for this episode of the “Green Room” is Jennifer Theime, Science Coordinator with the Monarch Joint Venture, discussing threats to the Monarch butterfly migration and what can be done to help them.

  • March 7, 2022 (109) -Ben Gundersheimer, Emmy award-winning musician on Monarch Butterflies

The guest for this month’s episode of the “Green Room” is Ben Gundersheimer, Emmy award-winning musician, author, and environmental activist, who reads (and sings!) his bilingual children's picture book “Señorita Mariposa.” We discuss why Monarch butterflies are so special, and what we all can do to help them.


The show is produced by Barbara Lucas and Tim Nagae.