Private Lakes & Ponds

The Health Department tests public beach water for bacteria during the summer to ensure the water is “safe” for swimming. There are 5 public beaches in Washtenaw County: Bruin Lake Beach, Half Moon Lake Beach, Silver Lake Beach, Sugarloaf Lake Beach, and Independence Lake Beach. Sample results and beach advisories and closures are posted here: 

“Private” beaches are not regularly tested by the Health Department. Residents often want to know whether their own body of water is safe for swimming, including a property owner wanting to know about their private pond, or subdivision/condominium residents concerned about a lake or beach in their commons area. Although bodies of water on private property do not have water quality monitoring requirements, we recommend following the State of Michigan Bathing Beach Guidelines for determining if water is safe for swimming.

Please see our fact sheet: "Is my pond or lake safe for swimming?"