Community Priority Fund

This page will be updated regularly as we launch this initiative. Please stay tuned for more information!

Here is a copy of the resolution and cover letter that approved this investment.

WHAT is the Community Priority Fund? 

The Community Priority Fund (CPF) is a strategic initiative funded by Washtenaw County's federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) allocation. The goals are to increase equitable, community-informed allocations of ARPA funding and to support full, ecosystem development for organizations who have not been previously eligible to contract with Washtenaw County. 

  • Community Violence Interventions: Evidence-based community violence intervention programs to prevent violence and mitigate the increase in violence during the pandemic.
  • Addressing Educational Disparities: Evidence-based educational services and practices to address the academic needs of students, including tutoring, summer, after-school, and other extended learning and enrichment programs.
  • Expanding Early Childhood Education: Programs or services help develop new or expanded high-quality childcare to provide safe, supportive, and educational care for children
  • Direct Assistance to Households Program: Programs that provide assistance to households or populations facing negative economic impacts due to COVID-19, including, but not limited to food assistance, cash assistance, job training, and other basic needs.
  • Addressing Housing and Homelessness: Programs or services that address housing insecurity, lack of affordable housing, or homelessness, such as supportive housing, residential counseling, housing navigation, legal services, eviction prevention, and other housing needs.

HOW were awardees selected? 

Applications went through four (4) levels of review: 

  1. County administrative staff reviewed each application for minimal eligibility, only ensure that each proposal meets the minimum requirements set by ARPA
  2. Community Review Body - this body, recommended by Commissioners, reviewed all eligible applications and made recommendations to the County Administrator for which projects/programs should or should not be funded, and why. 
  3. County Administrator reviewed the Community Review Board’s recommendations and then made recommendations to the Board of Commissioners about which projects/programs should be funded. 

The Board of Commissioners had final approval of which projects/programs receive CPF allocations.

HOW LONG until organizations or business receive the funding, once approved? 

All business/organizations that were approved for CFP funding by the Board of Commissioners must go through the county’s contracting process. The process can take several months. The amount of time to move through that process varies by organization. 

The CFP entire process, from application to full funding, may take several months. Additionally, federal ARPA allocations come with specific requirements around reporting, assessment, and evaluation. Organizations and Businesses who are awarded funding will work closely with a county Evaluation and Data manager to ensure all requirements are met. All awarded funding must be utilized by December 31, 2024.


For additional questions or concerns, please contact Alize Asberry Payne, Washtenaw County Racial Equity Officer: [email protected]