Business Recycling

If your business would like assistance in starting or improving a recycling program within your organization, please call the Solid Waste Program at 734-222-3827. Our staff is happy to work with organizations to improve recycling and waste reduction rates!

If you are looking to contract a recycling provider to take away your recycling, your municipality you pay taxes to determines your options. Recycle Ann Arbor provides curbside recycling for businesses within Ann Arbor city limits. Some locations have a preferred recycling hauler with which you will need a contract. Have other businesses nearby? See if you can share a contract.

Clean Sweep Program Pesticde Disposal

Clean Sweep

The Clean Sweep Program provides free pesticide disposal for Michigan businesses and residents.  Follow the link to learn about the program, what is accepted, and how to make an appointment.

Waste Knot with a cartoon garbage can

Waste Knot Program

The Waste Knot Program provides recognition, technical assistance, and education to businesses, schools, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations that demonstrate leadership in waste reduction and recycling to protect our environment and to improve their bottom line. This program is part of the Environmental Excellence Partnership Program (E2P2).

  • Green Pages E2P2 Directory: The Washtenaw County Green Pages E2P2 Directory is a listing of local businesses and organizations that are members of our Environmental Excellence Partnership Program. These organizations make use of sustainable practices.
  • Environmental Excellence Awards ProgramThe Environmental Excellence Awards Program aims to recognize businesses and non-profit organizations in Washtenaw County that practice environmentally sound behavior in the areas of water quality protection, waste reduction and recycling, and pollution prevention. The awards are provided once each year.
  • Michigan Recycling Coalition Recycling Directory: The Michigan Recycling Coalition provides a directory to help businesses and organizations find markets for their recyclable material. Check the website to set up a collection with a collector, processor and/or broker; or to add your company to their list.
  • Hospitality Environmental Benefits Calculator: The Northeast Waste Management Officials’ Association (NEWMOA) offers a free calculator to estimate the financial and environmental benefits from sustainable practices at your hotel(s). All you have to do is answer a few simple questions, such as the size of your facility and the types of activities that you participate in and the calculator does the rest!
  • Shrink Wrap Recycling: The Washtenaw County Solid Waste Program is working with local marinas to recycle high- and low- density polyethylene, or Number 2 and Number 4 plastics, also known as boat shrink-wrap. Contact the Solid Waste Program at 734-222-6860 for more information.
  • Thumb Bioenergy - used cooking oil collection: Thumb Bioenergy partners with over 800 restaurants throughout Michigan to collect used cooking oil. The cooking oil is turned into premium biodiesel .