Conviction Integrity and Expungement Unit (CIEU)

The Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office is committed to correcting and preventing wrongful convictions. The Prosecutor’s Office is also committed to ensuring that people who were committed of a crime—and have been rehabilitated—do not unnecessarily suffer inability to secure jobs, housing, or educational opportunities as a result of an old criminal record. 

For those reasons, the Prosecuting Attorney has created a Conviction Integrity and Expungement Unit (CIEU). The CIEU is tasked with two important functions: 

1) Conviction Integrity: The CIEU investigates claims of that a person has been wrongfully convicted of a crime. Specifically, the CIEU investigates claims of actual innocence to see if there is new, credible, material evidence never specifically address by any courts that supports those claims. It then makes a recommendation of what (if anything) should be done. Learn more about the CIEU’s conviction integrity process and access the application here.

2) Set Asides: Working with Washtenaw County Expungement Committee partners, the CIEU helps eligible people “clear” their old criminal records arising out of Washtenaw County. Learn more about the expungement process and how the Expungement Committee can assist here.

Quick links: 

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