Climate Action

In January 2022, our Climate Action Planning partners launched the website to involve the community in shaping our Resilient Washtenaw plan.

We are working closely with residents to create a collaborative vision for carbon neutrality by 2035. Resilient Washtenaw will be a living document that guides community goals and county operations for years to come.

How can you get involved?

Go to the website next few months, there will be many opportunities to participate. The website has more information about upcoming events and opportunities, including:

  • Watching a short 20-minute video on the changing climate in Washtenaw County
  • Attending a workshop or other event
  • Getting the word out by sharing this project with your neighbors, family, and friends
  • Subscribing for email Updates
  • Add your ideas to the Map
  • Celebrate way cool projects already in place (e.g., preserved land, bike paths, renewable energy)
  • Share areas where you experience climate impacts (e.g., flooding, lack of tree canopy)
  • Share your vision for climate action in the county
  • Find a local community group engaged in climate action


On October 6th, the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the funding and execution of a climate action planning process. 

Click here to read the full resolution that approved this project.

Resource Recycling System was selected as the vendor to complete this project. Their work will begin with a robust community engagement and data collection effort, before moving into community assessment and strategic development, and conclude with the development of the specific strategies and actions to achieve bold climate goals.

They are partnering with EcoWorks, a Detroit-based non-profit that creates just, equitable, and inclusive solutions to climate change and other community sustainability challenges, to lead the community engagement components of the project. 

Elevate and the Center for Neighborhood Technology will be joining to lead the analysis, drafting, and composition of the plan. 

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- Environmental Council (Webpage | Recent Agendas) - The Environmental Council regularly discusses the Climate Action Plan in their regular meetings.