Community Investment Input Sessions

What are Community Investment Input Sessions?

In 2017, the Washtenaw County Office of Community and Economic Development (OCED) developed a 5-Year Fair Housing Plan through a HUD process called Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing. The plan outlined goals related to fair housing, and in it, the County also made a commitment to reinvest all Community Development Block Grant program income within two specific census tracts – neighborhoods on the southside of Ypsilanti, located south of Michigan Ave (census tract 4106) and the LeForge area (census tract 4112). Most importantly, the reinvestments must be decided based on resident input.

In 2019, we held a series of community conversations, which resulted in the completion of a new playground in Parkridge Park in Fall 2020. Washtenaw County Office of Community and Economic Development (OCED) and the City of Ypsilanti engaged over 100 residents living around Parkridge Park to identify and prioritize what type of investment they want to see in their community, and residents voted that a new playground in Parkridge Park was their top priority. 

We continued to collect community input for two additional projects through 2022. Results are detailed below.

What projects can be funded through Community Investment Input Sessions?

All Community Development Block Grant program income is being invested into census tracts 4106 and 4112. Therefore, all projects must be within these two census tracts.

The following neighborhoods are identified as those located within census tract 4106:

  • Bell Kramer
  • First and Second Streets
  • Heritage Park
  • Parkridge Park
  • Forrest Knoll/Arbor Manor
  • Worden Gardens

The list below includes the type of projects that are eligible for funding:


       Park Planning & Park Improvements
        - Host sessions to hear input on what improvements are needed in the parks
        - Improve physical structures, add fields & pavilions, plant trees, and others

       Homeownership Assistance for Low to Moderate Income Households
        - Homebuyer counseling
        - Downpayment assistance
        - Home repairs
        - Solar panels and improving energy efficiency


        Pedestrian Safety Improvements
        - Street tree installation
        - Street lighting
        - Addition of bike lanes
        - Enhanced crosswalks

        Community Investments
        - Sidewalk repair
        - Street improvements
        - Community Center improvements
        - Demolition of abandoned buildings

2021 /22 Community Investment Input Session Results

Summer 2022 Session

Ypsilanti neighborhoods south of Michigan Avenue came together to provide input and brainstorm what their priority projects were for neighborhood investments via Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. Thank you to everyone who participated

The project with the most votes after several sessions with community members is Bathroom Repairs for the Parkridge Pavilion!

Please continue to check our website for more information. More details regarding this project are expected in Summer 2024!

Fall 2021 Sessions

Community input was collected in Fall 2021 through in-person meetings, a virtual session, and an online survey for census tract 4106.

In efforts to collect resident input regarding additional community investments in neighborhoods located on the southside of Ypsilanti, the Washtenaw Urban County and OCED held five input sessions in October and November 2021, and attended one regularly scheduled community meeting, to hear from residents about the types of community infrastructure investments that are important to them.

A total of 25 residents attended input sessions and 4 residents provided input in an online survey – of the 29 total participants, 33 responses were provided (some residents provided more than one suggestion). The projects with the most votes are featured in the graphic above.

To view a two-page summary of the input session reporting results, click here. A longer, more detailed summary of community input is also available here. 

Community Input Session