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ICON-RiversafeRiverSafe Home - Make Your Home RiverSafe
ICON-WaterfrontWisdomWaterfront Wisdom - 7 tips for creating and maintaining a beautiful and healthy waterfront
ICON-7simp7 Simple Steps for Clean Water
ICON-EnvRptLineEnvironmental Reporting Line

ICON-WatershedWisdomHealthy Habits for Clean Water - Watershed Wisdom
ICON-RougeAllYearProtect the Rouge All Season Long
ICON-SepticSurgeryWould You Know If Your Septic System Needed Surgery?
ICON-FOG-ProtectTheRougeFats, Oils & Grease - Protect Your Pipes & Our Waterways
ICON-CarCareWYCDCar Care - What You Can Do To Protect Water Quality

Lawn & Landscape - Green Living

ICON-CareLessForLawn-Man Measuring Grass Height with RulerHow To Care Less For Your Lawn . . .And More For Clean Water
Healthy Lawncare Tips
ICON-PollinatorsLandscaping for Pollinators, Bees & Birds - Tips for Attracting Them To Your Yard
ICON-Landscaping-WhatYouCanDo-Butterfly on flowersLandscaping - What You Can Do To Protect Water Quality
RGHandbook-TextRain Garden Handbook (Design Guide)
ICON-RainGardenerRain Garden Additional Resources - Online
Go Native! - Benefits of Native Plants

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Home Toxics Center LogoHome Toxics Center
ICON-HHWHousehold Hazardous Waste - What You Can Do To Protect Water Quality
ICON-PaintPaint Pointers
ICON-MedicationDisposalMedication Disposal Locations & Program
ICON-DontFLushDrugsDon't Flush Drugs - Reminder Card

Pets - Green Living

ICON-PetCarePet Care - What You Can Do To Protect Water Quality
ICON-ScoopPoopIs It Really That Important To Scoop Poop?
ICON-ScoopPoopHeroScoop Poop - Be An H2O Hero

RV Waste Disposal -  Green Living

RV-DumpStationDispose of RV waste at a dump station (including sewage in black water tanks and wastewater in gray water tanks).  For a list of RV dump stations in Michigan - search the web for RV Dump Near Me or try -

Storm Drains & Detention Basins - Green Living

ICON-StormDrainsStorm Drains - What You Can Do To Protect Water Quality
ICON-DetentionPondMaintaining Your Detention Pond