New Human Services Partnership 

New Human Services Partnership 

After 10 years, the Washtenaw Coordinated Funding Partnership ended. We are proud of the work done by Coordinated Funding (or COFU), and also excited for the opportunity to re-envision Human Services partnership in service of equity, and focused on addressing racism, poverty and trauma. As we work through this process, we want to make information and resources available to partners and community to provide access to information, as well as opportunities to engage and inform the process.

This webpage will evolve as the process evolves, so please check regularly for updates including ways to participate. Last updated March 2022.

Main Goals with New Human Services Partners:

  • Incorporate Equity into the process
  • Focus on addressing racism, poverty, and trauma
  • Incorporate lessons learned from COVID-19 response
  • Ease of process – for applicants and staff

Quick Links:

NHSP Meetings and Convenings  |   Human Services Partnership Timeline  |  Equity Framework and Resources  |  County Publications, Data, and Related Resources | Meetings and Convenings | Safety Net Grants | Mini-Grants | High Impact Grants

Current Funding Round - High Impact Grants

The New Human Services Partnership High Impact funding round will provide 5-years of funding to human service organizations working to scale existing human services initiatives. High Impact Grants are intended to provide resources to “change the conditions” for those experiencing systemic oppressions of racism, trauma, or poverty in Washtenaw County. 

While we are seeking a partnership with organizations in hopes of providing system changing human services initiatives in Washtenaw County, this is not an opportunity to experiment on vulnerable populations but to expound and improve upon the services, systems, and practices already in place. For this reason, we see High Impact Organizations as those that are aimed at identifying and changing systems to address the root causes of systemic oppression: Racism, Poverty, and Trauma.

The High Impact Grant RFP is closed as of March 7, 2023. To learn more about the funding round, visit the High Impact funding page.  

Mini-Grant Funding Update

On December 7, 2022, the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners passed Resolution 22-244: A Resolution Approving the Final Recommendation of Award Recipients for RFP 8358 "2022 New Human Services Partnership Mini-Grants", approving one-year mini-grants for the following organizations: 

  • A Brighter Way ($40,000)
  • Black Men Read ($40,000)
  • Buenos Vecinos ($40,000)
  • Coalition for Re-envisioning Our Safety/Care Based Safety ($40,000)
  • Community Resource Center, Inc. ($40,000)
  • Fair Housing Center ($40,000)
  • FedUp Ministries ($40,000)
  • Michigan Itinerant Shelter System Interdependent Out of Necessity - MISSION ($40,000)
  • Peer Support Network ($40,000)
  • Washtenaw Housing Alliance ($40,000)

Thank you to our community reviewers for assisting in the Mini-Grant funding round review process: 

  • Alice Seipelt
  • Alison Foreman
  • Charlotte Chloe
  • Grace Wu 
  • Jennifer Harrold
  • Jordan Greene
  • Kathleen O'Connor
  • Lana Valentine
  • Rachel Waite 
  • Rebecca Yaciuk

Learn more about the mini-grant funding round here.­­­