Vaccine Distribution

Updated Aug 11, 2021

COVID-19 vaccination is now widely available

In Washtenaw County, initial vaccination partners included hospital systems, the Washtenaw County Health Department, a few health care providers, and certain pharmacies who are approved to give COVID-19 vaccine. The Health Department worked with these providers to coordinate vaccination efforts, understand who they were vaccinating based on the state’s prioritization guidelines, and address gaps to ensure all eligible individuals have access to vaccine. The Health Department does not oversee local distribution. Hospitals and health departments received their vaccine supplies from the state health department (Michigan Department of Health and Human Services) and national or regional pharmacies receive supplies through a federal partnership program

Washtenaw County Health Department maintains a web page of local COVID-19 vaccine providers.

When vaccine supplies were limited, the Health Department shared a weekly update with vaccine distribution plan. These are no longer needed, but past updates can be seen here.

Emerency Vaccine Distributors

Washtenaw County Health Department Vaccine Distribution  

Vaccines are given to community members though three primary strategies: mass vaccination, temporary community pop-up sites or teams, and a Nurse on the Run mobile and home-visiting team. 

  • Mass vaccination means vaccines are given to large numbers of people at a central location. This is the fastest distribution strategy and is used to vaccinate as many people as possible as efficiently as possible. The Health Department operated two mass vaccination sites while large, high-volume vaccines were needed.
    • The EMU Convocation Center in Ypsilanti is now closed. The EMU site provided approximately 1,400 doses per day and ran four days per week (over 5,600 vaccinations per week) through the end of June 2021.
    • Pierce Lake Elementary in Chelsea operated one day per week with a capacity of about 700 vaccinations per day. The Chelsea site is also closed.
  • Community pop-up vaccination clinics are used to make vaccination more accessible and more equitable. Pop-up sites are community locations where eligible individuals can be reached more easily. Examples include senior apartment buildings or centers, schools, churches, homeless shelters, jails, or neighborhoods. Such sites may be open to the public or closed. 
    • Smaller pop-ups are planned per week and generally provide 20-50 or more vaccinations per location.
    • Pop-ups are planned in coordination with hosting sites and community partners and leaders. Organizations or groups interested in collaborating on targeted pop-up clinics can complete this survey.
  • Nurse on the Run provides vaccination in small settings such as group homes or assisted living - as well as home visits. Capacity is limited and individuals must meet definition of homebound. Please contact us at [email protected] call 734-544-6700 and leave a message to request Nurse on the Run services. 
  • Vaccination at the Health Department is available, see our main vaccine page for hours or updates. 

Washtenaw County Health Department Vaccine Allocation
Weekly vax allocation

When COVID-19 vaccine supplies were very limited, they were confirmed and allocated weekly. Each week, all available vaccine was given (or offered). At least half of each week's supply was needed for second doses, and the remaining amount was used for new first doses.

The majority of vaccines was initially distributed through mass vaccination (85%) with amounts set aside for pop-up clinics (10%) and Nurse on the Run (5%). Now vaccines are widely available in multiple locations. The Health Department continues to offer community pop-ups, walk-in vaccination at the Health Department, and home visits as needed. 

To schedule a vaccination appointment, see our COVID-19 Vaccination page

For those that cannot schedule online, please call 734-544-6700 and leave a message. Calls are returned as quickly as possible.

Vaccination Strategy in Michigan 

While initial vaccine supplies were limited ,Washtenaw County Health Department used the prioritization guidance set by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to guide vaccination efforts. Limited local vaccine supplies prevented us from expanding eligibility beyond state guidance. 

State vaccination goals include:

  • 70% of Michiganders age 16 and up vaccinated as quickly as possible.
  • 90% of doses received are administered within 7 days of arrival.
  • 95% of people get their second dose of vaccine within the expected timeframe.
  • There is no disparity in vaccination rates across racial and ethnic groups or by social vulnerability index.
  • No Michigander should have to drive more than 20 minutes to reach a vaccination site.

Archived Health Department Vaccination Data

  • The following data represents vaccines given by the Washtenaw County Health Department and is obtained through Patagonia, the county's electronic medical record. Electronic health records do not have information about vaccine eligibility or priority groups. 
  • The information in these charts are provisional and subject to change. Use care interpreting.  
  • These tables will not be updated after 7/5/22.
  • See more vaccine data here

Doses by Race/Ethnicity (as of 7/5/22)

Racial or Ethnic Group First dose % of total doses
Am. Indian or Alaska Native 182 0.3%
Asian 5023 7.7%
Black or African American 7623 11.8%
Native Hawaiian or Pac. Islander 108 0.17%
White 44653 69%
Other 2945 4.5%
Declined or unknown 4317 6.6%
Total 64851  

Doses by Hispanic/Latino Ethnicity (as of 7/5/22)

  First dose % of total doses
Hispanic or Latino 3739 5.8%
Not Hispanic or Latino 50859 78.4%
Declined or unknown 10253 15.8%
Total 64851  

Doses by Zip Code (as of 7/5/22)

Zip code First dose % of total doses
Washtenaw County Zip Code 58889 90.8%
Out-of-county Zip Code 5962 9.2%
48103 9738 15%
48104 4838 7.5%
48105 5434 8.4%
48108 4676 7.2%
48109 76 0.1%
48118 2197 3.4%
48130 2533 3.9%
48137 244 0.4%
48158 1195 1.8%
48160 1318 2.0%
48167 237 0.4%
48168 234 0.4%
48169 404 0.6%
48170 434 0.7%
48176 2914 4.5%
48178 482 0.7%
48189 1331 2.1%
48190/48191 502 0.8%
48197 12539 19.3%
48198 7194 11.1%
49236 123 0.2%
49240 236 0.4%
Unknown 10 0.015%