Drug Treatment Court Eligibility



  1. Must be 18+ years of age
  2. Must be a Washtenaw County Resident
  3. Charges must be of or related to substance use (MCL 600.1068)
  4. Must plead guilty to all charges


  1. Must not have previous or current charges involving the death of or serious bodily injury to any individual, or an offense that is criminal sexual conduct of any degree (MCL 600.1064)
  2. Must not have pending charges/obligations in other jurisdictions that will interfere with drug court participation
  3. May be denied admission if past or current charges include delivering and manufacturing a controlled substance, possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance, or felonies involving firearms
  4. May be denied admission if the individual has participated in a drug court program within the past two years


  1. Must be assessed to have moderate to severe substance use disorder. Individuals found not to have a substance abuse issue after assessment are not eligible to participate in Drug Treatment Courts (MCL 600.1066)
  2. Must not have a severe and persistent mental illness or cognitive impairment that would make their completion of the program unlikely
  3. Must not have physical or mental health conditions requiring ongoing prescribed use of narcotic medications or medical marijuana
  4. Must not be of a mental health condition requiring ongoing use of narcotic medications.