Drug Treatment Court

“The mission of the Washtenaw County Drug Treatment Court is to rehabilitate nonviolent offenders with substance use disorders in order to enhance public safety, lessen costs to the community, and reduce recidivism by providing participants with the supervision, recovery support, and substance abuse treatment needed to become productive members of society.”

At the Washtenaw County Drug Treatment Court (WCDTC), we know that substance abuse is a major factor in many criminal court cases. Substance dependent individuals repeatedly cycle through the court system without receiving the treatment needed to change their behavior.  

Our goal is to connect participants with the resources needed to achieve long-term recovery and end their pattern of criminal activity. 

The WCDTC is an 18-month program consisting of five phases, each designed to provide the treatment, supervision, and recovery support necessary to succeed in the program.

If you are interested in making a referral or getting more information about the Washtenaw County Drug Treatment Court, please contact the Problem Solving Courts Coordinator

  1. Kristin Sample

    Problem Solving Courts/Special Programs Director