COVID-19 Vaccination

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LAST UPDATED 1/25 at 6:30 pm

Please remember there is not enough vaccine to schedule or vaccinate everyone now eligible. Supplies are limited everywhere. Please be patient. We are vaccinating as quickly as possible. 

  • Michigan Medicine, IHA, and the VA have limited supplies. If you are 65 years or older and a patient with Michigan Medicine, Saint Joseph Mercy Health System, the VA, or IHA, please check websites or wait for them to contact you. Do not call them at this time.

  • We are taking appointment requests for individuals eligible under the revised 1b phase (or 1A not already vaccinated). Please use this link to request an individual appointment, and this link for organizational requests. A completed request does not mean an appointment is available yet. Scheduling may take weeks or months. You will receive a registration link (or call) when an appointment is available. 

  • If you cannot complete the link online, call us at 734-544-6700. Please reserve phone lines for those who cannot use online resources.

  • Please DO NOT share registration links. Links are intended for specific individuals and not meant to be shared. Individuals are prioritized based on state guidelines and local vaccine availability. 

  • All vaccination is by appointment. Do NOT show up at any vaccination site without an appointment. (NO doses are wasted. Do NOT show up to request an unused dose.)

  • See more information about signing up here. School employees see note below. 

Additional information:

*Note to school employees: If you are employed in Washtenaw County, your school or district will provide appointment information when available. You do not need to complete an individual survey. Additionally, school employees 50 years and older are prioritized first because of the large number of employees and the greater risk of severe illness. All school employees will be vaccinated as soon as possible.

Printable WCHD COVID-19 vaccine materials:

  • Flyer for Washtenaw County seniors (65+) on how to get a vaccine appointment (EnglishSpanish)
COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Status

A COVID-19 vaccine will be critical in slowing the spread and helping communities recover from the pandemic. Stopping a pandemic will take ALL our tools: handwashing, masks, social distancing, and vaccines. Taken together, these tools offer the best chance of getting our communities, schools, and work sites back to normal sooner. Please remember we will need to continue using prevention strategies as a vaccine becomes available and for some time after.

Vaccine manufacturers will release a limited supply of COVID-19 vaccines during the first few months that they are available. As the local health department, we are responsible for supporting emergency vaccine distribution and have plans in place to do so. These plans include determining appropriate sites centrally located and/or across the county.

Statewide COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard >>

Priorities and phases in Michigan

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) has recommended that residents and employees of nursing homes and similar facilities and health care workers be the first people in the United States to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention develop prioritization guidelines based on input from the ACIP. States have the option to tailor vaccine priorities for their state. 

(Updated 1/6/21) Michigan has released prioritization guidance in accordance with the ACIP:

  1. Phase 1A includes paid and unpaid persons serving in health care settings who have the potential for direct or indirect exposure to patients or infectious materials and are unable to work from home, as well as residents of long-term care facilities.
  2. Phase 1B [now] includes people 65 years of age or older and [some but not all] frontline essential workers in critical infrastructure. 
  3. Phase 1C includes people 65 years of age or older, people 16 years of age or older at high risk of severe illness due to COVID-19 infection, and some other essential workers whose position impacts life, safety, and protection during the COVID-19 response.
  4. Phase 2 is a mass vaccination campaign for all individuals 16 years and older. 

By Jan. 11, 2021, all areas of the state may, as vaccine supplies are available, implement vaccination of people who are health care workers or working or residing in long-term care facilities (Phase 1A Priority One and Three), age 65 years or older (Phase 1 B Group A and Phase 1C Group A), or frontline workers whose work role has frequent or intense exposure, and, due to the nature of the work, are not able to maintain social distance (including frontline responders, school and child care staff, or corrections staff) (Phase 1B Group B). Vaccination will take place in different phases that occurs simultaneously. 

Please note that even if you are eligible, vaccine availability will depend on vaccine supply & staffing capacity. Continue to check this webpage and our social media pages for the most recent updates and further instructions for getting your vaccine.

Vaccine Prioritization Guidance

Resources & Further Information

See these state resources for more details:

Additional information:

Information for health care providers can be found here.

This page is frequently updated as new information becomes available.