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Not sure if you're eligible for vaccination? See the groups that are currently eligible here.

Updated 3/8 at 8:30 am

Starting Monday, March 8, the following groups are now eligible and may request a COVID-19 vaccine appointment:

  • Those 50 years or older with medical conditions or disabilities (see a list of qualifying medical conditions or disabilities on pages 11-12 of this document - the request survey asks individuals to attest to qualifying health conditions or disabilities)

  • Caregiver family members/guardians age 16+ of children who have special health care needs

Those who are eligible will likely have to wait several weeks or more (depending on supplies) before an appointment is available. The link to request an appointment is here. If you need help completing an appointment request by phone, call 734-544-6700 and leave a message or call 211. 

Within this newly eligible group, we will be prioritizing those who are 60 years old or older.

On Monday, March 22, everyone 50 years old or older will be eligible for vaccine. We will share more about the vaccine request process for this group in the coming weeks.

The Washtenaw County Health Department is only vaccinating those who live or work in Washtenaw County. If you don’t live or work in Washtenaw County, find your local health department’s vaccine website here.

Vaccine supplies have been increasing but are still limited. A large number of people are now eligible and it will take time to get to everyone. It may take several weeks or more to schedule everyone eligible, depending on supplies. If you are on our list, we will be in contact as soon as possible. Please do not call or email asking for updates if you have already completed an appointment request.

Other things to know:

  • We are still vaccinating those who were eligible before 3/8 (including those 65+, some frontline workers, etc.). We will prioritize groups who became eligible first when scheduling appointments.
  • If you live or work in Washtenaw County, are 65 years old or older, and have not been vaccinated yet, we expect to have a vaccine appointment available for you within two weeks of your request. Please contact us if you haven’t received an appointment after this week ([email protected] or 734-544-6700).
  • Please do not fill out the appointment request survey more than once. We will delete duplicate entries.
  • Vaccine eligibility/prioritization guidance is determined by the state health department (Michigan Department of Health and Human Services). You can read their prioritization guidance for more detail here.

Additional Information:

  • If you are currently eligible, please use this link to request an individual appointment, and this link for organizational requests. A completed request does NOT mean an appointment is available. You will receive a registration link (or call) when an appointment is available. Supplies are week-to-week, and we cannot provide better timelines. 
  • Food processing and agricultural workers are eligible according to state guidelines. This does NOT include grocery store, restaurant, or food distribution workers as per the state.
  • Pharmacies: Under a federal program, Meijer and Rite Aid are now offering vaccine. Both have online registration processes.
    • Meijer  - vaccinating anyone currently eligible under state guidance. Call your local Meijer for phone support.
    • Rite Aid - vaccinating adults age 50 and older, health care workers, long-term care residents and staff, pharmacy staff, and public health employees. No phone support available.
    • See more about the federal partnership.
  • Other health providers: Everyone eligible can request a Health Department appointment, and we will continue to provide as many vaccinations as we can to eligible individuals. We continue to meet regularly with our healthcare partners to coordinate as much as possible. See more about local vaccine availability. 
  • Teachers/school employees: We continue working with local schools and districts to provide vaccine appointments. Michigan Medicine and IHA are helping us give available doses.
  • Please DO NOT share registration links
  • Individuals are offered appointments based on state guidelines and local vaccine availability. Each week, all available vaccine is used to schedule appointments. About half is needed for second doses. The remaining half is divided roughly as follows: 75% of vaccine supply to older adults and the remaining 25% for eligible frontline essential workers. See more about distribution strategies.
  • All vaccination is by appointment. Please do NOT show up at any vaccination site without an appointment. (NO doses are wasted. Do NOT show up to request an unused dose. We work from existing priority lists for any unused doses.)
  • Vaccine doses are allocated to local health systems and health providers at the state level. The Health Department does not control these supplies but is working with health partners to coordinate delivery of vaccination to those eligible.
  • See more information about signing up here.

COVID-19 Vaccine Links:

Health Department Vaccination
as of 3/2/21


1st doses given


2nd doses given


total doses given


approx. doses this week (2/28-3/6)

See more vaccine data here.

Printable WCHD COVID-19 vaccine materials:

  • Flyer on how to schedule a vaccine appointment in Washtenaw County (English, Spanish)
  • Flyer for Washtenaw County seniors (65+) on how to get a vaccine appointment (English, Spanish)

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A COVID-19 vaccine will be critical in slowing the spread and helping communities recover from the pandemic. Stopping a pandemic will take ALL our tools: handwashing, masks, social distancing, and vaccines. Taken together, these tools offer the best chance of getting our communities, schools, and work sites back to normal sooner. Please remember we will need to continue using prevention strategies as a vaccine becomes available and for some time after.

Vaccine manufacturers will release a limited supply of COVID-19 vaccines during the first few months that they are available. As the local health department, we are responsible for supporting emergency vaccine distribution and have plans in place to do so. These plans include determining appropriate sites centrally located and/or across the county.

Resources & Further Information

See these state resources for more details:

Additional information:

Information for health care providers can be found here.

This page is frequently updated as new information becomes available.