Financial Navigators

Financial Navigators
Click HERE to complete our interest form or call 734-677-7202 to talk to a Financial Navigator. 

We, in partnership with United Way of Washtenaw County, has launched a Financial Navigator program to help residents manage the financial impact of COVID-19. Financial Navigators provide one-on-one telephone assistance (at no cost) navigating critical financial issues and making referrals to other social services and resources.

What Happens during a Financial Navigation Session?

Financial Navigation services are delivered over the phone; sessions last between 30 minutes and an hour. Once the client provides contact information either by phone or internet, they will be contacted to provide basic identifying information and then be called by the Financial Navigator.

Financial Navigators can help guide clients with:

  • Prioritizing payments for daily living expenses, like housing, food, and insurance

  • Maximizing income, through accessing benefits, emergency cash assistance, and emergency loans, and considering options like unemployment or short-term disability

  • Managing debt, from credit cards to student loans to child support, and guiding negotiations

  • with creditors

  • Avoiding predatory scams

  • Budgeting for future income disruptions;

  • Accessing other social services 

During the session, the Navigator and client will identify next steps to resolve the client’s financial issues; clients will receive a document via email outlining those next steps. If a resident has additional questions, they may call the program again; they may be served by a different Navigator. 

* If you are are looking for more in depth support to

  • Build Savings
  • Reduce Debt
  • Maximize Income
  • Reduce Financial Stress
  • Develop positive financial habits

Please click here to join our financial coaching program. 

Accessing Financial Navigation Services 

People can request a financial navigation appointment directly or through other community organization referrals.

To do so,  first complete the web form linked here or call 734-677-7202 to sign up for services. Referring organizations may either fill out the web form with the client or share the link to the intake form.

To complete the form, residents/referring organizations will need only to provide the following basic information:

  • Client name
  • ZIP Code
  • Language preference (Language accommodations may entail a longer response time) 
  • Phone and/or email address (NOTE: A phone number is required for Financial Navigator services. Though optional, residents who wish to receive follow-up information must also provide an email address.)

Once the form is submitted, the client will receive a basic service agreement {via text or email} to accept and submit online. The Navigator will then call the client to begin their session.