21st Century Policing

21st Century Policing Compliance Commission

Learn more about the Commission from Sheriff Clayton: https://youtu.be/_KcHcxuHEy8

The 21st Century Policing task force was created by President Barack Obama in order to strengthen community policing and trust among law enforcement officers and the communities they serve—especially in light of recent events around the country that have underscored the need for and importance of lasting collaborative relationships between local police and the public.

The task force recommendations, each with action items, are organized around six main topic areas or “pillars:” Building Trust and Legitimacy, Policy and Oversight, Technology and Social Media, Community Policing and Crime Reduction, Officer Training and Education, and Officer Safety and Wellness. This page is where you can see our progress related to the task force recommendations.

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(21st Century Compliance Commission)

Click below to learn more from Sheriff Clayton about these initiatives.

21st Century Policing Compliance Commission: https://youtu.be/_KcHcxuHEy8

Police Reform Academy Information: https://youtu.be/w4nhRVvicMM

WCSO Hiring Committee Information: https://youtu.be/hlltTsE-lX4