Appleridge Incident

In the early morning hours of May 26th, a use of force incident occurred in the Appleridge community of eastern Washtenaw County. As with any situation where a deputy uses force, a full and thorough review has begun. In an effort to be open and provide information to our residents, the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office provides the following information.

Press Conferences:

Press Releases:

Body Camera & Dash Camera Video:

∗ Additional video footage will be made available as personal information is redacted. We are committed to sharing all footage related to this incident. 

WCSO Policy & Procedures:

Policy and procedure documents provide the operational framework that guide and support many of our decisions and actions. Several of our policy documents have already been made available for public review, including our subject control/use of force policy. 

Washtenaw County Community Advisory Board for Law Enforcement (CABLE) - Request for Public Comment

CABLE is requesting comments and questions from the public concerning the Appleridge Incident in Ypsilanti Township, Michigan on Tuesday, May 26, 2020. Sheriff Clayton provided a presentation on the incident, including body camera footage, on May, 29, 2020.

Timeframe for feedback on this incident has closed. Please contact CABLE directly through the link above if you have any questions.