Guidance for Businesses

UPDATED May 29, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.

State of Michigan Executive Order Guidance for Businesses

Washtenaw County businesses and entities remaining open must follow the guidelines set forth in the Governor’s Executive Orders 2020-36, 2020-69, 2020-71, 2020-96, and 2020-97 to ensure the safety of employees and customers. 

Washtenaw County Information for Businesses and Entities

Washtenaw County Health Department has rescinded local emergency orders requiring COVID-19 screening. Screening, social distancing, face coverings, and additional public health strategies to protect everyone’s health to the greatest degree possible are now covered in Michigan Executive Orders and under guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Recommendations include:

  • Screen workers. Check employees for fever or other symptoms if they will enter facilities or buildings. Use a touchless thermometer, if available. Any symptoms not normal for the individual are a concern. 
  • Any employee with symptoms must stay home or work remotely.
  • Maintain 6 feet of distance between people.
  • Emphasize frequent and proper hand washing. Make sure sinks are well supplied with warm running water, soap and paper towels.
  • Supply masks to all employees. Encourage employees to wear masks, particularly if they will be in close contact with other employees or the public. Cloth masks are acceptable, as surgical masks should be reserved for those in health care.
  • Do not share space or equipment. If this is not possible, have employees wash their hands before and after using shared equipment. Clean and sanitize equipment between uses.
  • Work remotely whenever possible, particularly if individuals have underlying health conditions.

See our guidance document COVID-19 FAQs for Workplaces for more information on what to do if an employee becomes ill or is diagnosed with COVID-19.

Information specific to food service

Mask Guidance

Masks can help prevent asymptomatic people from infecting others. Employers must supply masks to all employees. Cloth masks are acceptable, as surgical masks should be reserved for those in health care. Based on current executive orders, there are some situations which require masks:

  • Any individual (employees and customers) able to medically tolerate a face covering must wear a covering over his or her nose and mouth, such as a homemade mask, scarf, bandana, or handkerchief, when in any enclosed public space.
  • Employees who are not able to consistently maintain six feet of separation from other individuals in the workplace must wear a mask. (In addition, employees who are not able to consistently maintain three feet of separation from other individuals in the workplace should consider wearing face shields.)
  • Employees providing a check out service in a food establishment or pharmacy must wear a mask.
  • Employees who have traveled but who are still allowed to work should wear a mask for 14 days following travel.
  • Employees who had close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 and who are still allowed to work should wear a mask at work for 14 days after last exposure to the person.

For everyone else, we strongly recommend that all employees wear masks while at work. Please encourage employees to wear masks, particularly if they will be in contact with other employees or the public, or if they work in areas where 6-foot social distancing is difficult to be maintained. Employers can establish guidelines that require their employees to wear masks.

Business Reopening Guidance & Resources

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Resources

  • PPE Procurement & Supplier Platform - Pure Michigan Business Connect (PMBC) is working to match Michigan-based suppliers with Michigan-based companies in need of PPE and other resources. Complete the intake form on their website to get a list of resources that fit your needs. The Michigan Manufacturer’s Association also has resources on COVID-19 related products and services. 
  • Pure Michigan Business Connect connects Michigan businesses with procurement needs with Michigan based personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety products suppliers.
  • Michigan Chamber of Commerce has compiled a list of companies that source, manufacture or distribute PPE equipment.

Make a Complaint About a Business Operating in Violation of Orders 

To report concerns or complaints about essential businesses, social distancing, masks, or other concerns, please email [email protected] or call 734-544-6700 and leave a message. Voicemail messages are checked several times each weekday, and calls will be returned within 24 hours or sooner.

To report concerns about large gatherings, or violations of Stay Home/Stay Safe Order, call the non-emergency Metro Dispatch law enforcement number at 734-994-2911. Press 8 to be connected with dispatch.

  • Upon calling 734-994-2911 and pressing 8, dispatch will relay the complaint to your local police agency
  • Each agency will determine the severity of the violation and respond appropriately
  • Initial response will focus on education in order to gain compliance with the order
  • Intent is not to arrest, but appropriate action will be taken if necessary

While all aspects of the executive order are to be followed and law enforcement is interested in violations, law enforcement is asking callers to be mindful of the limited law enforcement resources available to respond to all calls for service. They ask that you focus on behaviors that pose serious risk to public safety and that may exacerbate community spread.

More Information for Businesses