Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Information for Providers

Updated March 29, 2020 at 12:15 p.m.

The Michigan COVID-19 Laboratory Emergency Response Network (MI-CLERN) is now providing 24/7 testing approval access for clinicians. Call the MI-CLERN at 888-277-9894.

Medical providers needing assistance with diagnosis and infection control can call the Washtenaw County Health Department at 734-544-6700 (Mon – Fri, 8:30 am - 9:00 pm) or 734-994-2911 #8 (After Hours). Please don’t call multiple Health Department staff with the same question. We will get back to your calls to our main lines as soon as possible.

Latest General COVID-19 Updates

Resources for Providers

If you suspect a patient may have COVID-19

  • Review and follow steps of Evaluating Patients Who May Have COVID-19 Checklist (Revised March 25, 2020). Detailed instructions on specimen collection are included here.

    RPAN directions:
  • The preferred test to rule out other pathogens prior to testing for COVID-19 is a Respiratory Pathogen Panel by PCR or RPAN through MLabs. The directions are in this link.
    • The lab will take any requisition form that includes:
      • Patient’s first and last name
      • Patient’s DOB
      • Ordering physician
      • Fax number of your clinic
  • Specimens should be prepared properly and sent refrigerated to the lab via courier.

    PUI directions:
  • Fill out this Person Under Investigation (PUI) Form.

    MDHHS lab request directions:
  • After you have approval from the MI-CLERN hotline (888-277-9894), you can request a COVID-19 test from MDHHS by following the steps below.
    • A DCH-0583 must be completed by the submitting facility and sent with the specimens. 
    • When completing the DCH-0583 from, select “Other” in the “Tests that require MDHHS approval” and write in COVID-19. Enter the nCoV ID (PUI number) in section 8 on the back of the form.
    •  All specimens must be labeled, at a minimum, with the: patient name, date of birth, specimen source (e.g. NP).
  • Here’s an example of how the form should be filled out.

    Collecting and shipping a specimen directions:
  • Instructions for collecting and shipping a specimen for testing

Preparing for COVID-19

Signs and materials for provider clinic use

Additional information for providers

Referrals for Housing COVID-19 Clients