Infiltration Trench

Infiltration Trenches are shallow, excavated trenches that are designed to capture, temporarily store, infiltrate and convey runoff from an area up to 5 acres.  They are typically linear and filled with a rock storage bed below the surface.  Water infiltrates into naturally permeable soils or can be conveyed to another drainage area.

Infiltration basins, dry wells, infiltration trenches, and subsurface infiltration beds provide similar stormwater management capabilities. Determining the right BMP to use will depend on your site needs, landscape limitations, space, and budget.

Infiltration Trench Factsheet - SEMCOG


Maintenance is critical for infiltration trenches to function and look nice over the years. Having a maintenance plan in place will help ensure completion of tasks and that an appropriate timeline is followed. Routine tasks include:

  • Inspection and cleaning of all catch basins and inlets
  • Proper maintenance of overlying vegetation and revegetation of bare spots
  • Prevent vehicles and mower compaction on surface of infiltration areas