Infiltration Basin

Infiltration Basins

Infiltration Basins are designed to temporarily capture, temporarily store, and infiltrate runoff into naturally permeable soil over several days.  A site that is 5-50 acres can be designed with a single, large basin or several small basins that are constructed or natural features.

Infiltration basins, dry wells, infiltration trenches, and subsurface infiltration beds provide similar stormwater management capabilities.  Determining the right BMP to use will depend on your site needs, landscape limitations, space, and budget.

Infiltration Basin Factsheet - SEMCOG


Maintenance is critical for infiltration basins to function and look nice over the years. Planning for ongoing maintenance will support plant communities as they grow and establish. Routine tasks include:

  • Inspect and remove accumulated sediment from forebay, outlet, and bottom of basin
  • Inspect slope stability and maintain erosion control measures