Green Roofs

Green Roofs are conventional rooftops that have a thin layer of vegetation designed to capture, temporarily store, and reduce stormwater runoff.  While traditional roofing materials shed nearly all rainfall as runoff, a green roof is able to absorb and evapotranspire a portion of that rainfall.

There several variations of green roofs depending on building specs, limitations and goals.  Green roofs offer additional benefits including the potential reduction of heating and cooling costs.

Green Roof Factsheet - SEMCOG


Maintenance is critical for green roofs to function and look nice over the years. Planning for ongoing maintenance will support plant communities as they grow and establish. Routine tasks include:

  • Keeping plants healthy, removing weeds, and replacing plants that do not survive
  • Watering plants during establishment periods and in extended droughts
  • Removal of organic buildup and testing of soil nutrient content