All stormwater management systems require maintenance to function properly. Green infrastructure (GI) maintenance is different from conventional gray systems and maybe new to many designers, property owners, and crew members who will be responsible for taking care of these systems.

Maintenance plans, strategies, and costs will vary depending on the project. Proper maintenance ensures that GI systems remain healthy, attractive, safe, and functioning over the years. Maintenance also helps to maximize the additional aesthetic, environmental, social, and economic benefits these systems have the potential to provide.

GSI Maintenance Manual_v2_2016.indd

Green City, Clean Waters: Green Infrastructure Maintenance Manual - Philadelphia Water Department | 2016

Manual detailing standard operating procedures for specific maintenance tasks for different green infrastructure practices including vegetated systems, paved surface, and subsurface infiltration systems. The descriptions included could be adapted for private or public property and cover detailed directions for completing maintenance tasks as well as information on training, materials, and health and safety concerns.

Water Wave

Maintenance Guidelines - University of New Hampshire Stormwater Center | 2017

Guidelines and checklists for maintenance of green infrastructure and infiltration practices. These 2-page forms list inspection and maintenance activities and can be easily adapted to small and large sites on private or public property.

detention pond manual

Maintaining Your Detention Pond - Alliance of Rouge Communities

A guidebook on maintenance activities for detention ponds including step-by-step instructions for property owners, homeowner’s association, or residential/commercial property managers. Routine maintenance of detention ponds will prolong their life, improve their appearance, prevent flooding and property damage, and protect rivers and lakes. Without proper maintenance, detention ponds are often very expensive to retrofit in order to restore functionality.

Staying Green Cover Page

Staying Green: Strategies to Improve Operations and Maintenance of Green Infrastructure - American Rivers | 2013

This report examines some of the major barriers to effective operations and maintenance of green infrastructure practices and identifies strategies and best practices that local governments, practitioners, and other groups are using to develop and improve maintenance practices. Additional resources are available at

The Importance of Operation and Maintenance for the Long-Term Success of Green Infrastructure

Importance of Operation & Maintenance for the Long-Term Success of Green Infrastructure - EPA | 2013

This report examines municipal green infrastructure projects throughout the United States and highlights operations and maintenance opportunities and challenges including planning, tracking, training, education, partnerships, and funding. While maintenance plans and strategies vary by project, the findings demonstrate that proper maintenance is essential to maximizing the environmental, social, and economic benefits of green infrastructure. See the Green Infrastructure Toolkit at