It Is Possible Recovery and Harm Reduction Campaign

It Is Possible

It Is Possible tells stories of recovery and provides information on harm reduction.

This regional campaign aims to spark hope that survival and recovery from substance use disorder is possible. It is created by the Washtenaw County Health Department, in partnership with Livingston, Lenawee, and Monroe Counties. Support for the initiative was provided by Community Mental Health Partnership of Southeast Michigan and MDHHS through a federal grant from SAMHSA.

Recovery and harm reduction resources

Resources can vary based on what county you live in. Please use the resources for the county you are currently living in. If you live outside of one of these four counties, see other resources here

Washtenaw County

Call Washtenaw Access for recovery support: 734-544-3050

Lenawee County

Call Lenawee Access for recovery support: 517-263-8905

Livingston County

Call Livingston Access for recovery support: 517-546-4126

Monroe County

Call Monroe Access for recovery support: 734-243-7340

Additional resources

  • Find a syringe service program near you: see an interactive map of syringe programs in Michigan here.
  • If you use drugs, avoid using alone. If you do use alone, call the Never Use Alone hotline at 800-484-3731. Someone will stay on the phone with you and can call 911 if you become unresponsive.

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