Millage history

Citizens votingIn November 2017, Washtenaw County residents voted two-to-one in favor of an eight-year millage that would generate $15 - $18 million per year for mental health and public safety improvements.

Of this amount, $5 - $6 million per year would be allocated to Washtenaw County Community Mental Health, the county's public mental health agency, to invest in four categories of programs and services: 

  • Prevention. Mental health awareness, prevention, and early intervention programming in partnership with families, schools, faith communities, libraries, law enforcement agencies, and health providers.
  • Crisis. Immediate mental health and substance use disorder crisis assessment, referral, and treatment; diversion from jail, emergency departments, and inpatient stays; and services for post-crisis engagement. 
  • Stabilization. Services that stabilize individuals, support recovery, and enhance the quality of life for adults and youth, regardless of insurance status; services that target individuals who experience obstacles to care due to lack of resources, homelessness, distrust, and stigma.
  • Diversion. Enhanced mental health and substance use disorder assessment and treatment in the jail; criminal justice diversion options for individuals with mental health and substance use disorders; and expanded education and support for first responders.

Resources from Washtenaw County's Public Safety and Mental Health Preservation Millage first became available in January of 2019 and will continue to be available until 2024. If the millage is renewed by voters in the fall of 2024, these funds and the programs and services they make possible will continue into the future.