Mission, Vision, Values, & Motto


To promote hope, recovery, resilience, quality of life, and wellness in Washtenaw County by providing high quality, integrated services to eligible individuals.


​All residents can secure supports to pursue recovery, improve quality of life, and reach their full potential. ​



​We provide the highest level of service to promote recovery, quality of life and self-sufficiency through proven and innovative practices. We recognize that the foundation of excellent service is our relationships. ​​


​We believe in the capacity for change at every stage of development. We grow through shared learning, lived experiences and mentoring.


​We cultivate well-being through a commitment to physical and emotional safety, active listening, and a culture of appreciation.


​Together we build a welcoming, respectful environment for all people. Through active engagement and shared decision-making, we build a stronger community. ​​


​We develop strong, trusting partnerships with the people we serve, in our broader community, and within our own organization. ​​


​We are accountable to those we serve, to the larger community, and to each other for the ethical, effective, and efficient use of our resources.​


Always Looking Forward

​The not-quite-official WCCMH motto, “Always looking forward” can be attributed to our dear brother, John. John Loring’s work in the community and his leadership in our organization was well known. John’s tireless efforts and caring commitment to the citizens of Washtenaw was a vocation as much as it was an avocation evidenced through his many achievements and service to the community.

John Loring