Crisis Services

24/7 phone services and mobile crisis services are available to any Washtenaw County Resident and can be accessed by calling 734-544-3050.

​WCCMH services are available to those individuals who meet criteria, have Medicaid and/or appear to have urgent/emergent needs which could result in harm if not addressed within 48 hours of the request. Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) and the Medicaid Provider Manual set the three priority populations group definitions and priority categories for WCCMH.

​We offer:
​• 24/7 access to services
​• 24/7 access to information and referral regarding behavioral health and substance abuse services
​• 24/7 crisis line
​• 24/7 mobile crisis services
​• Eligibility determination and level of care assessments
​• Inpatient authorization for Medicaid and uninsured individuals
​• Suicide risk assessment
​• Petition for involuntary hospitalization and pick up order services
​• Crisis planning
​• Crisis stabilization and support

Crisis Residential Services (CRS) is a six bed, 24/7 crisis home intended as a short term alternative to inpatient psychiatric services for individuals experiencing an acute psychiatric crisis. Individuals need to meet inpatient criteria but can be served in a setting that is less intensive than an inpatient hospital.
​CRS services include:
​• Therapeutic supports
​• Nursing services
​• Case management
​• Behavioral services
​• Medication management, stabilization and education

​Our CARES team is a new team of mental health professionals, peer support specialists, and case managers, nurses and psychiatry that was created using Millage dollars. The goal of the team is to provide short term stabilization services to individuals who are unable to access mental health care in the community.

​CARES provides mental health care to individuals who are unable to access community mental health services because of their insurance or their severity level. Services that are provided by this team include individual and group therapy, case management, peer support, psychiatry and nursing.

In order to access these services, call 734-544-3050