Environmental Council

The Washtenaw County Environmental Council was established by the Board of Commissioners’ Resolution 18-191 on November 28th, 2018.

The impetus for the establishment of the Council came from community concerns and through the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners, driven by the urgency of environmental risks including climate change and threats to our air, land, water, soil, food supply, and natural resources.

The Environmental Council’s mission is to create a vibrant, sustainable, net-zero Washtenaw County through developing environmental policy and organizational recommendations for Washtenaw County government, in order to:
  • Achieve net-zero emissions for County operations by 2030.
  • Protect and improve the County’s air, land, water, food network, and both mental and public health as related to the environment.
  • Address and counter environmental and intergenerational injustice.

Meeting Information

The next meeting of the Environmental Council will be held on

 Tuesday, May 23, 2023 at 5:00 pm.

The Washtenaw County Environmental Council meets the 4th Tuesday of the month at 5:00 PM remotely through zoom.  Please view the Environmental Council Meeting Calendar for specific meeting dates.


Meeting ID: 873 0013 5225

Passcode: 709275

The calendar,  agendas, and minutes of the Environmental Council can be found here in the Agenda Center

Name Seat End of Term Appointment Resolution
Kris Olsson Community Groups 12/31/2024 22-230
Gay MacGregor Vehicle Emission Reduction Issues 12/31/2024 22-230
Michelle Deatrick Land Use and Preservation 12/31/2023 22-059
Anne Brown Racial Equity and Environmental Issues 12/32/2023 22-059
Andrew Comai Labor 12/31/2024 23-008
Avni Rao Youth 12/31/2024 22-230
Tim Redmond Sustainable Agriculture 12/31/2024 22-230
Benjamin VanGessel Infrastructure Energy Reduction Issues 12/31/2024 23-008
Theresa Tupacz Sustainable Energy Producers 12/32/2024 22-059
Lisa Wozniak Community Groups (MI LCV) 12/31/2024 22-230
Annie Somerville BOC Liaison 12/31/2023 23-006
Katie Scott BOC Liaison 12/31/2023 23-006
Yousef Rabhi BOC Liaison 12/31/2023 23-006
Elizabeth Ratzloff Public Health 12/31/2024 23-008
Ruby Horton Water Protection 12/31/2024 23-008

Contact Us

For additional information, questions, or feedback please contact Andrew DeLeeuw