The Washtenaw County Trial Court is live with E-Filing!

E-Filing is mandatory for attorneys on these current case types

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On June 7, 2021, some improvements will be made to MiFILE, Michigan’s standardized e-Filing system that will require registered users to take some action. You need to be aware there will be a change in the way recipients of e-service are managed in MIFILE that may disrupt e-service to case contacts. It is critical that you read the details of the improvements and the change in filer experience and to take the necessary steps to determine whether you need to re-associate yourself with any cases you participate in. 


A recent update to the MiFILE system may disconnect your name and email address from your case. This means you will not be e-Served with documents in the case until you reconnect to your case. 

To reconnect:

  • Find your case, either by doing a search or reviewing your TrueFiling History.
  • On the Case Details Page, look for the "I am this Person" button to the right of your name. 
  • If there is no "I am this Person" button, you are already connected to an email address. To confirm that it is the email address you used for e-Service in your case, go to the Upload Filings screen, select "Serve Document," and review the "Select Recipients" pane.

If you need help reconnecting to your case, watch this short video

Details about these improvements can be found on the MiFILE Enhancement page.  Below you will find additional resources that will help you understand and navigate these new MiFILE improvements.

Additional Resources

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MiFILE Brief 11 re: E-Service and E-Notification

All Case Types

  • ALL separately captioned documents must be filed as separate documents in a bundle.
    For example: Notice of Motion Hearing, Motion and Brief are three separate documents in the same bundle. For more information please click here.
  • A Zoom Notice of Motion Hearing is required to schedule a hearing. Please contact Central Assignment at (734) 222-3383 for a hearing date prior to filing the Notice of Motion Hearing form.
  • Proposed Stipulations and Orders must be submitted as one document, not as a separate Stipulation and a separate Proposed Order.
  • Proposed Orders related to a Motion scheduled for hearing should be labeled "proposed order" and included with the motion document and NOT filed as a separate TrueFiling Document.  
  • A separate Proof of Service is not needed if the other party/parties are registered users of the MiFILE system and are selected to receive service at the time of filing within MiFILE.
  • A separate current summons document is required at the time a complaint is filed. For the most recent summons, please click here.
  • When entering address information, please refrain from entering the full name of the firm and/or business and any c/o information.  The party name (that will become the case caption) and mailing address are the only elements needed and required.  Entering more than the required information will cause a delay in processing documents. 

Domestic Case Types

  • Verified Statement, Notice of Order of Filiation, Judgment Information Form and Application for IV-D Child Support Services cannot be e-filed. Please deliver these documents to the FOC/Domestic Court Services Department or mail to the following address:

Washtenaw County Friend of the Court
PO Box 8645
Ann Arbor, MI 48107

  • Prior to e-filing, if a Proposed Order requires Friend of the Court approval, filer(s) may either obtain the approval at the friend of the court counter or by emailing the order to [email protected].

  • Required mediation packets for Judges O’Brien and Conlin can be obtained here: Domestic Mediation Packet

Additional Help

Please feel free to visit the links below for information provided by MiFILE: