Certain components in our electronics can be hazardous to the environment and our health. These hazardous materials are known to be toxic and should not be thrown away in your curbside trash. Let’s work together to ensure these hazardous materials do not end up in our environment, waterways or landfills!

There are multiple options for electronics disposal, outlined in the tabs below. The disposal process varies depending on if you plan to sell, reuse or recycle your electronics. Our Turning Trash into Treasure Guide (PDF) is another resource that provides detailed information about recycling and reuse opportunities in Washtenaw County.


Televisions are one of the more difficult items to recycle. Older CRT (tube) televisions or large (55” +), flat screen TV’s cannot be mailed in as part of electronic takeback programs due to the logistics of shipping large items. Large TVs are only accepted at certain local recyclers, often for a fee. Washtenaw County Clean Up Days will accept these and other electronics at the events hosted several times a year. 

Local locations that accept large/oversize TVs:

  1. Local Electronics Recycling
  2. Electronics Reuse
  3. Mail-in Recycling
  • Recycle Ann Arbor Drop-Off Station - Ann Arbor - The Drop-Off Station accepts regular recyclable items and a wide variety of harder-to-recycle items. A $3 entry fee plus additional fees may apply. 
  • Best Buy - Accepts a wide variety of electronics and cords in most stores.
  • Staples - Accepts a wide variety of electronics and cords in most stores.
  • UbreakIfix  - Canton and Brighton - An electronics repair shop that also accepts electronics for recycling. 
  • County Clean-Up Days – County Clean-Up Day events are held several times a year throughout Washtenaw County. View the webpage for specific details.

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