2022 millage impact report cover imageWashtenaw County's Public Safety and Mental Health Preservation Millage is a voter-approved homeowner tax that generates resources for mental health and substance use treatment programs that improve health and quality of life across the county.

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Millage-funded programs include a broad array of initiatives, but among the most important is access to mental health and substance use recovery services for all Washtenaw County residents who are having difficulty accessing private care, regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay for services.

Washtenaw County Community Mental Health staff members listen to the needs of county residents, provide them with immediate, short term support, then help them connect with community-based care providers for ongoing support.

To receive assistance from Washtenaw County Community Mental Health, residents can call 734-544-3050 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

In addition to assessment, stabilization, and treatment services for county residents, the millage funds:

  • mental health awareness, prevention, and early intervention programs such as the #wishyouknew youth mental health campaign;
  • crisis response programs designed to divert individuals with mental health and substance use disorders from jail, emergency departments, and inpatient stays whenever possible;
  • treatment and support for justice-involved individuals, including incarcerated individuals, individuals on probation, and individuals preparing for successful community reentry;
  • expanded education and training for first responders including police officers, fire fighters, and others;
  • supportive housing initiatives; and more.

Resources from Washtenaw County's Public Safety and Mental Health Preservation Millage first became available in January of 2019 and will continue to be available until the millage expires in 2026. The millage will be up for renewal in 2024.