Final Inspection

About Final Inspections

Final inspections are required for all soil erosion permits. The following requirements must be met for closure of a soil erosion permit, unless otherwise indicated:

  1. All disturbed areas are permanently stabilized* in a manner to prevent soil movement or loss from erosive forces such as rain, ice, gravity or wind;
  2. Any temporary soil erosion and sedimentation controls have been removed; and
  3. All permanent erosion control measures are in place and maintained and the site has been established per the approved soil erosion and sedimentation control plan.
  4. Additionally, commercial permits shall schedule a final site inspection with the Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control (SESC) Program. The inspection will consist of a walk through of the site to insure the site has met the permit requirements.
Workers installing sod on a front lawn


A Certificate of Completion will be issued by the SESC Program when a site is permanently stabilized and all applicable fees have been paid. Failure to complete final inspection requirements shall lead to further enforcement set forth within Part 91, the Rules and this Ordinance.


*Permanent stabilization is the establishment of vegetation or the proper placement, grading, or covering of soil to ensure its resistance to soil erosion, sliding or other earth movement.  See our Methods of Stabilization (PDF) for further information.