Ballin' Basketball Series

For over 10 years the Sheriff’s Office has facilitated the Ballin’ Basketball Series. It’s a free 3-on-3 basketball tournament that takes place for eight weeks through out the summer. It’s designed to provide a safe space for youth to enjoy the summer while also providing an opportunity for Deputies and residents to build relationships. In partnership with neighborhood residents and local organizations, the Sheriff’s Office has expanded the program throughout the years. 

Participating Neighborhoods

  • Ballin’ in the Willow – West Willow, Ypsilanti Township
  • Ballin’ in the Brook – Sugarbrook, Ypsilanti Township
  • Ballin’ on the Blvd – Macarthur Blvd, Superior Township
  • Ballin’ in Appleridge – Superior Township
  • Ballin’ on the South Side – Ypsilanti City
  • Ballin’ in Hikone – Ann Arbor City
  • Ballin’ in Stonybrook – Ann Arbor City

If you would like to become involved with the Ballin’ Basketball Series, please contact Marvin at the Sheriff's Office Community Engagement Division.