Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch program is a citizen involvement program of people just like you, in partnership with the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office, directly participating in crime detection and prevention.  The Sheriff's Office remains responsible for enforcing the law and apprehending criminals and you become better educated on how to protect your family and property.

Neighborhood Watch becomes a great asset in many situations, such as missing or lost children.  By becoming alert Neighborhood Watch citizens, criminal activity can be greatly reduced in your neighborhood.  By providing valuable information to the Sheriff's Office and keeping your Neighborhood Watch group informed (through the Block Captain Network), we can make our community a safe and more pleasant place to live.

You can do something about crime and make your neighborhood a safer and more pleasant place to live.  This can be accomplished by becoming actively involved in our Neighborhood Watch Group (NWG).  Remember, it has been proven that when citizens within their neighborhood become actively involved in watching, caring and protecting of their neighborhood, criminal activity is greatly reduced.

Crime is not a police problem; crime is a community problem.  Crime prevention and detection is a cooperative effort between you and the Sheriff's Office.  For more information, contact Sgt. Rush

The National Home Security Alliance Guide to Starting and Growing a Neighborhood Watch

Guide to Starting and Growing a Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch Tools