ENhancing Police And Community Trust (ENPACT)

The Enhancing Police And Community Trust (ENPACT) workshop is the second component of our Engagement Program Series. ENPACT brings together 30 residents and 30 Deputies from across Washtenaw County in an effort to discuss solutions to the challenges that exist in the relationship between law enforcement and residents. This is more than just a conversation. It’s away for residents and officers to come together and set expectations, build trust, impact policy decisions, and ultimately improve the overall relationship.

The ENPACT workshop is a 6-hour day focused on solutions. The first half of the day, the 30 residents and 30 Deputies are in two separate rooms working to answer similar questions. For lunch we bring the groups together, share the answers to their earlier morning questions, and demonstrate how law enforcement professionals and community members are looking for similar outcomes, even though it may not always be apparent to them. In the afternoon, the groups comingle and use the remainder of the day to find ways to positively address the difficult barriers that may separate us...together.

If you’re interested in participating in an upcoming ENPACT workshop, contact the Sheriff’s Office Community Engagement Division. If you'd like to see an example of the ENPACT Workshop watch episode 6 of Beyond The Badge.