Just 'Cause

Just 'Cause is one component of our overall strategy of engaging the community. These small-group dialogues promote conversation between community members and law enforcement professionals...not in response to a crisis or event, but because open dialogue is important. They take place over lunch or dinner and are designed to be a free-flowing conversation with the simple goal of bridging any divides between law enforcement and the community we serve. These are small, intimate conversations consisting of no more than 5 residents and 5 Deputies. Although small in the number of participants, the return on investment is the quality of the dialogue as participants use the opportunity to come to know and better understand each other’s perspective with the intent of forging long-lasting relationships.

Why do we do these? Just because we should. It's one more way for us to hear from and speak to our community. 

Just 'Cause sessions are scheduled as requested. If you are interested in being a part of or hosting a Just ‘Cause dialogue session, contact Community Engagement Sergeant, Eugene Rush.